Monday, December 14, 2009

Convert each fraction into a decimal number.

Round each decimal number to the indicated place

value. Then convert to a percent.

a) 27/56 (tenths) b) 125/396 (thousandths) c) 1496/2005 (hundredths)

---------- ---------- ------------ <-(divided by)

56 = 396 = 2005=

0.4821428 x100 0.3156565 x100 0.746134663 x100

0.5/50% 0.316/31.6% 0.75/75%

Repeating Decimals

-a decimal number with a digit or group of digits that repeat forever.

-repeating digits are shown with a bar


eg. 0.777777...=0.7

Use calculator to convert these fractions into a repeating decimal.

a) 1/3 b)5/9 c)5/6

0.33333/0.30. 55555556/0.50. 833333333/0.83

E) 0.666666... F) 0.777777...0.6 0.7

Terminating Decimals

- a decimal number in which the digits stop

-examples include 0.4,0.86,0.125

0.75 seventy five hundreds
75/100 = 3/4
0.652 six hundred fifty two thousandths

Change each terminating decimal number into a fraction.
a) 0.48 b) 0.078

Simplify the expression
(2=1) 2 exponent 2+3x4-2 divided by 2

Q: Construct an angle bisector of a 60 degree angle
A: The angle bisector is at 60 degrees

Here is a video on converting fractions

Here is also a link



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