Monday, December 14, 2009

Convert each fraction into a decimal number.

Round each decimal number to the indicated place

value. Then convert to a percent.

a) 27/56 (tenths) b) 125/396 (thousandths) c) 1496/2005 (hundredths)

---------- ---------- ------------ <-(divided by)

56 = 396 = 2005=

0.4821428 x100 0.3156565 x100 0.746134663 x100

0.5/50% 0.316/31.6% 0.75/75%

Repeating Decimals

-a decimal number with a digit or group of digits that repeat forever.

-repeating digits are shown with a bar


eg. 0.777777...=0.7

Use calculator to convert these fractions into a repeating decimal.

a) 1/3 b)5/9 c)5/6

0.33333/0.30. 55555556/0.50. 833333333/0.83

E) 0.666666... F) 0.777777...0.6 0.7

Terminating Decimals

- a decimal number in which the digits stop

-examples include 0.4,0.86,0.125

0.75 seventy five hundreds
75/100 = 3/4
0.652 six hundred fifty two thousandths

Change each terminating decimal number into a fraction.
a) 0.48 b) 0.078

Simplify the expression
(2=1) 2 exponent 2+3x4-2 divided by 2

Q: Construct an angle bisector of a 60 degree angle
A: The angle bisector is at 60 degrees

Here is a video on converting fractions

Here is also a link


Friday, December 11, 2009

Ascending and Descending

Ascending order means from least to greatest.
Descending order means from greatest to least.

Converting Fractions decimals percents these are 3 ways to say the same things.
1. I got 50% on the test
2. I got 1/2 of the que
stions correct
3. I got 0.5 marks for each question

They are all in fractions percents x
/100 decimal x/1 fraction x/any

Convert 75%

75 ÷5 15 3 75÷100= 0.75
100 ÷5=20= 4 100÷100

Convert 5/8 to a decimal and percent

5÷8 0.625 x100 62.5
8÷8= 1 x100 = 100

2÷5 0.40
5÷5= 1

Monday, December 7, 2009

How to Find the Halfway Point

The whole numbers that are between 7 and 13 are: 8, 9, 10, 11 and, 12.

The difference between 13 and 7 is 6.

Half the difference is 3. 6 divided by 2=3

The number 10 is halfway between 7 and 13.

To find this out you can either add half the difference to the smaller number or subtract half the difference from the larger number.

The second way is to use a number line.

The third way is to add both of the numbers together and divide the sum by two. 13+7=20 20 divided by 2=10

1.) a. What are the whole numbers between 68 and 72? They are 69, 70, 71.
b. What are the whole numbers between 108.3 and 111.6? They are 109, 110, 111.

2.) a. What is the halfway point between 70 and 170? It is 120.
b. What is the halfway point between 1801 and 1813? It is 1807.
c. What is the halfway point between 18.4 and 6.2? It is 12.3

Here is a link that could help you:

Sorry, I couldn't get the video to work so here is the link to get to the video. This video can help you if you have trouble dividing the difference.

Monday, November 30, 2009

How to Find the Area of a Triangle

A triangle is a three sided figure that has three angles.
For example:
A triangle is half of a parallelogram. So the formula to find the area of a triangle is (b-base x h-height) divided by 2 (to get the height of a triangle you make a parallel
line from the base to the tallest vertex).

For example the base of the triangle is 2 cm and the Height of the triangle is 4 cm

First you have to multiply the 2 by the 4 to get 8

Then you divide 8 by 2 to get the area w
hich is 4 cm
Here is a site that can help

here is a video

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Area and Homework


  • The number of square units contained (inside) in a two dimensional shape.
- this square has an area of 4 units

  • Area is the surface space takes up

Area of square or rectangle
- Length * width = area
- L * W = area= 18 cm Area = L* W
Area = 6*3
= 18cm Squared

- A 4 sided figure with opposite sides parallel and equal.

Lines are hashmarks that are equal

Arrows are parallel to each other

- A side of a two dimentional closed figure (shape) (b)

A base is any side of a closed figure.

the perpendicular distance from the base to the opposite side.


Area of parallelogram formula


Base (b) is 5 cm and height (h) 3 cm. Plug these values into the formula.

A=15 cm squared

Find the area of this parallelogram:
A=16 cm squared

Find the area of this parallelogram:

A=48 m squared


Ishaka's Garden

What is the shape of the garden?
What is the area of the garden?
Ishaka is going to plant flowers in his garden.
He is going to plant per square metre.
How many flowers does he need to buy?

2nd Homework:

Find the area of this shape?

If you don't understand here is a website and a video to help you!

Monday, November 23, 2009


The space between two connecting lines.

An angle that is less than 90°.
An angle that is greater then 90° and less than 180°

An angle that is exactly 90°
An angle that is exactly 180°

Angle Bisector
The line that divides an angle into equal parts.
(equal angles are marked with the same mark)
Their are 3 ways to make an angle bisector.

1.a) Fold Paper until the 2 lines on your angle meet.
b) Use a ruler to draw a line on a crease.

2.a)Use a compass to make an arc from the vertex that crosses both arms. Label them x and y
b)Make an arc from point x and point y. They must be equal in size.
c) Draw a line from point B to the between the meter section.
3.a)Use a protractor.
b)Measure the < D E F.


c)Divide your measurement by 2. 140÷2= 70°.

d)Make a mark at 70° using a protractor. Label it Q.

e)Join point Q with the vertex with a straight line.
1. Make a 68° angle. Then draw the angle bisector using 2 methods.
2.How could you divide an angle into 4 equal parts ?
You can find out the angle and then divide it by 4.
3.Has each angle been bisected? How do you know ?

No because A is cut in half and B isn't cut into equal parts.

4.What are 2 examples of angle bisectors in the real world?
and Pie.
Here's a good link that could help you make Angle Bisectors.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Bisect & Perpendicular Bisector

Bi means two
Sect means to cut
Bisect means to cut in two

Perpendicular Bisector

A line that divides another line segments in half and has right angles to it.

1st way to make a Perpendicular Bisector:

Fold the paper, so point A is on point B. Draw a line in the crease that you made. Label it C,D. Where they intersect, label it P.

2nd way to make
a Perpendicular Bisector:

You have to use a Right Triangle.

Step 1,
Draw a line segment on a piece of paper with a right triangle.

Step 2,
Use the right triangle to find the half mark of the line segment.

Step 3,
Draw another line segment on the half mark, intersecting with the original

Step 4,
Make sure that it is 90 degrees. (use a protractor to check)

3rd way to make a Perpendicular Bisector:

Use a Compass.

Step 1,
Make an arc from point A that is greater than half way.

Step 2,
Make an equal sized arc from point B.

Step 3,
Connect the arc intersection with a straight line.

how to draw parallel and perpendicular lines

how to draw parallel lines
1.fold paper
2.use a right triangle

how to draw perpendicular lines
1.fold paper
2.use a protractor

Monday, November 16, 2009

Parallel and Pendicular lines

Parallel and Perpendicular lines

Geometry- Shapes and measurements.

Parallel- Describes two lines in the same plane that never cross, or intersect.
- They are marked using arrows.

Here is a picture of parallel lines:

Perpendicular- Describes lines that intersect at right angles. ( 90°)
- They are marked using a small square
Here's a picture of a right angle

Measure the difference from:

A to B
B to C
E to F
F to G
I to J
J to K

They all are 8.9 cm.

Here's a video about Perpendicular lines

Here's the link:

Identify any parallel lines you can find.
AE // BF, EI // FJ, CG // BF, GK // JF, AI // CK

What d0 you notice about parallel lines? they always are the same distance apart no matter where you measure, as long as you measure a perpendicular line.

Identify any perpendicular line segments.

AE __ DF , FE __ AI , BF __ EG , CG __ FH

What do you notice about perpendicular line segments? they all meet at 90° angles.

#1. Are line segments AC and DF parallel?
#2. Are line segments DF and BE perpendicular?
#3. Are line segments AC and BE perpendicular? How do you know?
#4. Would a line segment joining A to D be parallel to a line segment BE? How do you know?

Monday, November 9, 2009


Due to the Remembrance day service we will only have a test on Thursday. Be sure to study each night this week.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Term Test

A reminder that we have a quiz on Tuesday, covering adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing decimals. Order of operations will be covered on the test as well.

Lastly, we have a Term Test on Thursday it will cover the entire term's worth of work. Be sure to start studying now, do not wait until the last minute!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Number of the Day !

Number of the Day


1. Half of the number of the day is:


2.Write the number of the day in expanded form:

2000 + 600 + 90 + 1 + .3 + .04 + .008

3. Write the number of the day in written form:

Two thousand , Six Hundred, Ninety-One and Three Hundred, Forty-Eight Thousandths

4. Round the number of the day to the nearest 100:


5. What digit is in the tenths place:


6. The number of the day doubled is:


7. 123.45 more than the number is:


8. 987.65 less than the number is:


10. Cube the digit in the ones place:

11. Square the digit in the hundreds place:

12. Divide the number by 3.55 and round to the nearest hundredth:
13. The product of all the digits in the number of the day is: ( Sorry guys, I had trouble with this one )
If anyone has any questions, feel free to comment asking what you want to know!
Also, if you don't understand what I did, or if I did something wrong, please comment saying what I did.
Thank you !!


Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Practicing With BEDMAS ( Order of Operations )

Today during math, we used BEDMAS to answer these questions below.
If you don't know what BEDMAS means, make sure to check Kimberly's scribe post!

2+3x4 =
2+12 =

10-6÷2 =
10-3 =

(2+3)x4 =
5x4 =

(10-6)÷2 =
4÷2 =

8÷2² =
8÷4 =

4x3÷2+5 =
12÷2+5 =
6+5 =

g) Create a math equation including +, -, ÷, x, brackets and exponents. The answer must be 6 and you can't repeat any digits or use zero.

This is what I got:

Here's a video on BEDMAS :

Monday, November 2, 2009

Order of Operations

There are 4 operations.

Addition and subtraction are brothers and multiplication and division are sisters.

B E D M A S stands for:

Brackets ( )

1st- brackets ( )
2nd- exponents
3rd- divide or multiply in order from left to right.
4th- addition or subtraction in order from left to right.


Change this equation so the answer is 158.

The way you change the equation so the answer becomes 158 is you have to put brackets around 6.4+120.

What sign goes where? +, division sign


Here's the answer.

5.2 divided by 4+2.1=



2x3 divided by 6+(2-1)=
2x3 divided by 6+(2-1)=
2x3 divided by 6+1=
6 divided by 6+1=
(0.75-0.5)x(4.2 divided by 0.6)+7.3-1.2=
(0.75-0.5)x(4.2 divided by 0.6)+7.3-1.2=
Here is a link for more about the Order of Operations.
Annie has been asked to calculate 1.7+6 divided by 2. She claims the answer is 3.85. Do you agree? Explain why or why not.
1.7+6 divided by 2=
I do not agree because when I simplified then calculated it, the answer I got was 4.7.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Today's Notes

Why we estimate :

- to get close to the answer.
- is to make the problem easier.
- is to know what to expect from our calculations.

1.36 L of O.J. (Orange Juice) and there's 4 of you.

a) estimate how much you each get.

b) calculate how much you each get.

2.0 divided by 4 would equal 0.5 and that is 1/2 over estimating.
1.0 divided by 4 would equal 0.25 and that is 1/4 under estimating.

1.3 divided by 4 would equal 0.3 (0.36)
1.6 divided by 4 would equal 0.4 (0.46)

or you can use long division :

- 0

- 12

- 16

So then the answer would be that each person would get 0.34 L of O.J.

Here's another question we had to try :

- 6

- 12


The answer would be 24.6.

Here's a really good website where you can learn more on how to divide decimals:

And here's a video on how to divide decimals:


5.4 divided by 0.6

Use numberline and estimating and long or short division.

Don't forget to do your homework!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Dividing decimals

Dividing Decimals

Division means to divide things into equal groups.

Quotient- answer to a division question.

You have 6$ you want to buy fancy glitter pens to to enter the world scrapbooking Olympics. The pens are 40 cents each How many can you buy?

you can get 15 pens.

Describe a way to estimate the answer.

Round 40 up to 50 and 50 goes into 6 12 times because 50 two times = 1$ and 12 divided by 2 is 6

Where do you put the decimal?

15.4 Divided by 3.6= 4277778

round 15.4 to 15 and 3.6 to 3 or round 15.4 to 16 and 3.6 to 4

15 divided by 3= 5

16 divded by 4= 4

both of these numbers are very close to four so we put the decimal in between the 4 and the 2 so your answer is 4.277778

4.4 divided by 0.42= 1047619

round up the 4.4 to 5 and the 0.42 to 5.0 or round down to 4 and 0.4

both those eqations equal 10 so you put the decimal between the 0 and the 4 to make 10.47

Here is a video that explains how to multiply and divide decimals.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Estimating and Calculating Homework

We were given two questions. They were 46 x 4.5 and 64 x 4.5.
Here is how we did it.
46 x 4.5
We started by rounding the number 4.5 to 5. Then we multiplied or calculated 46 x 5= 230 then we had to put the decimal back in, we moved it one place value over, so now the answer is 23.0.There is the estimation.
The next one was 64 x 4.5.
Here is how we did it.
We rounded 4.5 to 5
then multiplied or calculated it by 64, and got 320, again we had to put the decimal back in so we moved it over one place value, so now the answer is 32.0.

Monday, October 19, 2009


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make sure your number of the day is done for tomorrow he is collecting them

Estimating Decimals with Multiplucation

Susie and her family were on a long drive to California she was squished in the back in between her younger brother and older sister so to pass the time she did sudoku she finished her sudoku books. so she begged her parents to stop at a co-op so she could get another sudoku book. when they stopped she found the sudoku books she figured she needed 5 to get her to California. The sudoku books were 1.69 each (tax included) her younger brother estimated it would be 5 dollars her older sister said it would be 10 dollars what are they thinking and how are they estimating

Susie's younger brother estimated it would cost 5 dollars for the 5 sudoku books he was thinking 1.00x 5=5 he was just thinking about 1.00 not the 69 cents.

Susie's older sister estimated that it would cost 10 dollars for the sudoku books she was thinking 2.00x5=10 instead of doing 1.69 she rounded up to 2.00.

Are either of them right?

Susie has 9.00 in her pocket will that be enough?

Yes because it is only 8.45.

were does the decimal go?
4 is closed to 3
3960 so therefore it goes in between 3 and 9 3.960

using the same method before i answered......

1)3.9x5.8= 22620
4x6= 24.
24 is closed to 22 so it will go in between the 22 and 6 22.620

3x0.5= 1.5 (rounding up) so put the decimal point in between the ones 1.18220
11.82220 would be to far.

The Pronghorn sheep weighs 58 kg.
the Dall's sheep weighs 1.5 more than the Pronghorn.
how much more does the Dall's sheep weigh than the Pronghorn?
60x1= 60 kg
60x2= 120 kg
90 kg
50+8= 58
25+4= 29
87 kg

Here is a good math link for estimating decimals with multiplication

here is a video on multiplying decimals

Saturday, October 17, 2009

How to Blog

Link- Highlight a word and press the green link button, then look for a site that you think that would build intrest. Then you copy and paste the URL. After you get a link click on preview and test the link.

Image- Find an image (Google images) then save it to your computer then browse and find the image that you saved ( delete it if you don't want it anyomore). You can change the layout and the size. Then you press upload image then done.

Video- go to and find a video that will build intrest about a math topic. Once you find a video click on it then, go to the grey box and highlight and copy the code that is in the box titled EMBED. Then click edit HTML . On your blog, scroll to the bottom then paste the code. Now click compose and preview.

Font- To change font click the arrow next to the word font, then scroll down and find a font that you like and that others can read.

Color- To change the color, click the T with the muliti colored square and then change the color. Only the important facts and titles should be a diffrent color. Don't use to many colors or else it will be distracting. Also, avoid colors like yellow. It's hard to see.

Size- To change the size click the double T's then choose the size you want. Don't make the size to small or to large.

This is a good site to learn how to estimate and round decimals and whole numbers-

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772 first scribe

To change size.

To change color.

To change font.

Create a link to the greatest team of all time.

Check out this image I made.

What do you think about this video?

Mark will be the scribe on how to blog.

Everyone else will have to comment on his work. You must leave something nice and something helpful.

Good luck and have fun!

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Just trying this out.

Mr. Isfeld made me do this.