Monday, November 2, 2009

Order of Operations

There are 4 operations.

Addition and subtraction are brothers and multiplication and division are sisters.

B E D M A S stands for:

Brackets ( )

1st- brackets ( )
2nd- exponents
3rd- divide or multiply in order from left to right.
4th- addition or subtraction in order from left to right.


Change this equation so the answer is 158.

The way you change the equation so the answer becomes 158 is you have to put brackets around 6.4+120.

What sign goes where? +, division sign


Here's the answer.

5.2 divided by 4+2.1=



2x3 divided by 6+(2-1)=
2x3 divided by 6+(2-1)=
2x3 divided by 6+1=
6 divided by 6+1=
(0.75-0.5)x(4.2 divided by 0.6)+7.3-1.2=
(0.75-0.5)x(4.2 divided by 0.6)+7.3-1.2=
Here is a link for more about the Order of Operations.
Annie has been asked to calculate 1.7+6 divided by 2. She claims the answer is 3.85. Do you agree? Explain why or why not.
1.7+6 divided by 2=
I do not agree because when I simplified then calculated it, the answer I got was 4.7.


  1. Very nice post Kim!!
    I also do not agree, because when I did the question, I also got 4.7!

  2. I agree with what you said, Kimberly. I simplified it and got the same answer.
    I think what Annie did was:
    1.7 + 6 = 7.7
    7.7 ÷ 2 = 3.85
    Anyways, excellent post Kimberly!

  3. I like the post ! but i couldn't really see the picture. Other than that it was good ! and for the question, i also do not agree because i did the question and got 4.7.

  4. I love your post Kim!! I like how you highlighted some of the words! great job!!
    For the question i got 4.7 i agree with Kim and great job!!

  5. Good job Kim! For the question. I got 4.7 also. Everything was good except the picture was hard to see.

  6. nice job kim.i also disagree when i simplified it and calculated it i got 4.7.

  7. Nice job Kim, the picture was small though, and i don't agree because i got the 4.7 as the answer not 3.85.

  8. Great Job Kim. I also disagree.When I simplified the equation I got 4.7. I think Annie did the addition first and then the multiplication which is why she got 3.85.

  9. Great post Kim!! I do not agree with Annie either. Here is how I got the answer:
    1.7+ 6 divided by 2=
    1.7+ 3=
    The picture you posted on your scribe was hard to read so next time you should try to choose a not so blurry picture other then that it was great.

  10. Nice job Kim, But the picture was a little blurry and i also disagree because I got 4.7 as well.

  11. Nice post. I agree with you Kim because my answer was the same as yours. I think that Annie did not follow the rule and just answered the question from left to right like this:
    1.7+6=7.7 Then she divided 7.7 by 2 to get 3.85.
    I also really like the way you changed the color of BEDMAS so that we knew it was important.

  12. awsome job! kim
    I love your link it is really good
    but your picture was a bit blurry
    i agree with you because i got the same awnser as you because i did it the same way as you.
    great job!

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  14. Excellent job, Kim! I liked how you changed the colour on the important words and the video helped me, too.

    I agree with you, because my answer was also 4.7 when I simplified it.

  15. Excellent work Kim!! I liked how you change the font color. I also do not agree with Annie either, but i also couldn't really see the picture, it's blurry though. Anyway, my answer was 4.7.
    Good Job!

  16. I agree on what kim said if you simplify the 6 divided by 2 it would be 3 and 1.7+3is 4.7, so that is how i got my answer and your blog was really neat and easy to understand and i like how you changed the color of the BEDMAS so that it will pop out and will be easy to see for other people and the video was great but the picture was kind of blurry and everything else was great. GOOD JOB!

  17. Great post Kim! For the question I also got 4.7. I like how you changed the font colour but the picture was pretty blury. Anyways, Nice Job!

  18. I think Your post was Awesome. You could have got a better picture.
    I agree with you that the anser to Annie's question is 4.7.

  19. Excellent post Kim. I also do not agree too, because when I simplified the question i got 4.7 as the answer too.

  20. Very good post Kim.But I agree, because when I simplified the question I got the same answer 4.7.

  21. Very nice job Kim. Next time find a picture that is more clear, but other than that it was great. I also don't agree with Annie because when I simplified it, i got the same answer as you, 4.7.

  22. Great post Kim! I agree with you because I simplified it and got 4.7.

  23. Awesome post Kim! I like how you used different colours. I agree with you because i simplified it and got the same anwser as you.

  24. Great post Kim. I agree with you because I got the same answer when i simplified it.

  25. Good job Kim. I also got 4.7, everything was good except for the picture, but overall it was pretty good...

  26. Good job but i couldn't see the picture.

  27. Good job Kim I like how you included what BEDMAS means.