Monday, April 12, 2010

Areas and Integers

I am creating two circular flower beds in my front yard. The first flower bed has a diameter of 12m and the second one has a radius of 8m. My front yard is 20m wide and 30m long. The rest of the front yard is grass will I have to cut?


Area of a circle:
A=pi r squared
A=3.14 multiplied by 6m squared
A=3.14 multiplied by 36
A=113.04m squared

Area of a circle:
A=pi r squared
A=3.14 multiplied by 8m squared
A=3.14 multiplied by 64
A=200.96m squared

Area of a rectangle:
A=b multiplied by height
A=30 multiplied by 20
A=600m squared

113.04m squared + A=200.96m squared= 314m squared

600m squared - 314m squared= 286m squared

You would have to cut 286m squared of grass.

You have a triangular shaped yard with a base of 10m and a height of 15m. You are creating a sand box for your kids. The sandbox has a circumference of 6.28m. How much yard do you have left.

C=pi d
C=2 pi r
6.28=2 (3.14) r
6.28/6.28= 6.28r/6.28

Area of a circle:
A=pi r squared
A=3.14 multiplied by 1m squared
A=3.14 multiplied by 1
A=3.14m squared

Area of a triangle:
A=b multiplied by height/2
A=10 multiplied 15/2
A=75m squared

75m squared - 3.14m squared= 71.86m squared

You would have 71.86m squared of yard left.


Integers are positive and negative whole numbers and zero.

eg.2, -6, 91, +103, -1000, 0.
not integers: -3/4, +1/2, 4/5, 0.1, -0.7, 91.3, 1.3, 95%, -60%.

Integers can be shown on a number line or using integer chips.

BLUE CHIPS= negative numbers RED CHIPS= positive numbers

000 = -3

000= +3


Identify each integer

a) 0 b) 0 c)000 d)00000 e)0000000 f)00000

Represent each integer:

+2, 8, -4, +7, -6, -8.

CLICK HERE for a link that may help you understand integers better.

Here is a link for a video. I went on YouTube to find a video and there was no place that even shows the embed so I had to post the link. Sorry for the inconvenience.


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