Monday, May 31, 2010

Exam Review Study Guide

As you all know, the exams are coming up soon.This is a review of all the things we've learned in Math this semester, so you better start studying.

You must know how to define:
Translation: a slide along a straight line.
Rotation: a turn
around a fixed point.
Reflection: flip over a mirror line.

: a mirror line can be anywhere, not only as an axis.

Make this shape: (0,0) (3,0) (3,8) (0,8)

Let's hope, you all remember what a coordinate grid is. If not, here's a review.

Cartesian Plain/Coordinate Grid: A vertical, up and down number line, that meets a horizontal number line.
ntal number line
y- vertical number line.
rigin: where the x number line and y number line intersect.
Quadrants: The four regions on a coordinate grid.
Coordinates: the value of an ordered pair.

These are t
he quadrants on a coordinate grid(I hope you all know your roman numerals)

You must also be able to identify the signs of each quadrant:

Quadrant 1: (+,+)
Quadrant 2: (-,+)
Quadrant 3: (-,-)
Quadrant 4: (+,-)

Now that you know this, try to find which quadrant each letter is in and it's coordinates.

A- Quadrant 1 (3,1)
B- Quadrant 1 (1,3)
C- Quadrant 2 (-2,1)
D- Quadrant 3 (-1,-1)
E- Quadrant 4 (2,-2)

What is the horizontal and vertical movements of point C to E?

4 units horizontal (right)
3 units vertical (down)

Note: The Horizontal movement is always identified first.

Where is the mirror line?

A line intersecting the y axis at positive 1.

If you still having trouble here's a link to a fun site that may be of use. Click here.


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