Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Exam Review Study Guide

Perpendicular- Describes lines that intersect at right angles
Parallel- Describes lines in the same plane that never cross or intersect
Intersecting- Lines that cross at any angle
Perpendicular Bisector- A line that divides a line segment in half and is at right angles to it
Angle Bisector - The line that divides an angle into 2 equal parts
Acute Angle- An angle that is less than 90* *-degrees
Obtuse Angle- An angle greater than 90*
Right Angle- An angle that is at 90*
Formula Area of Triangle- B x H / 2
Formula Area of Parallelogram- B x H

50x20= Find the Area --------------Answer-------------- 1000M2


Label These pictures

Click this link to look at a site all about angles!!


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